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Communication Manager

Location:  Halmahera,Indonesia
Contract type:  Permanent

Job purpose
• Eramet in Indonesia is developing its mining and metallurgical activities through its current site in Weda Bay, its exploration activities and its major development project in Nickel and Cobalt salts.
• Given the growth of the activities in Indonesia and the associated challenges, a position of Senior Communications Manager is created.
• The main missions of the Communication Manager will be to:

  • Define a strategy for the positioning of Eramet in Indonesia and its projects
  • Translate the strategy into an internal and external communication plan to strengthen the visibility and integration of the Eramet Group in Indonesia, to install a strong image of a successful and responsible group, to promote the different activities / projects, the teams and the CSR commitments.
  • Preserves the interests (license to operate and license to market) and the reputation of the company and supports its development with stakeholders, institutions, and media in a partnership and contributory approach.


Complexity of the position
• Geographical fragmentation with teams based mainly in China, Western Europe, Indonesia. The position will require a high degree of flexibility and working with organizations with different cultures and under different time zones.
• The communication for the Project will be imbedded in the context of the Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park (IWIP), Yet the communication for the Project needs to be coordinated with IWIP communication in order to avoid sending contradictory or conflicting messages to the project Stakeholders, in particular local communities and authorities.
• The image of Sonic Bay project is essential for the image of the Owners and more particularly for Eramet in Indonesia. The communication strategy for Sonic Bay should therefore be fully integrated into Eramet’s communication strategy.


Main Missions and activities

  • He/She proposes and implements the communication strategy to support the priority issues.
  • He/she supports the activities and projects by proposing an action plan covering both internal and external issues. The actions will have to be coordinated with those of the Eramet Group to give them maximum impact and consistency.
  • He/she will ensure that the implementation of the Communication policy is in line with the Group's corporate projects.
  • He/she will work closely with and be supported by the Group Communication teams.
  • He/she works closely with and supports the Eramet Indonesia teams in particular the CSR, Public Affairs and HR team by providing them with the necessary elements for their activities, and inversely.
  • He/she sets up performance indicators for his/her actions to measure their effectiveness.
  • He/she participates in the communication rituals set up by the Group's Communication Department and shares its topical issues.

To this end, he/she is in charge of the following key activities:

• Develop and implement the project's Internal/External communication policy in relation with Eramet Indonesia departments and projects.
• Promote employees' sense of belonging and its corporate culture while striving to integrate it into its environment:

  • Propose solutions and support management thanks to a listening ear in the field and a good knowledge of the social environment;
  • Share the Group's challenges through regular communication actions;
  • Ensure that strategic elements are well relayed to all project sites (China / France / Indonesia);
  • Organize events capable of bringing employees together around unifying projects;
  • Designing the media/tools necessary for the implementation of the internal communication policy (newspapers, publications, audiovisuals, intranet sites, newsletters, etc.)
  • Develop and strengthen the image and reputation of the activities and projects and develop their reputation in Indonesia:
  • Adopt a proactive management of the media (mapping, rituals, strength of proposal) and ensure a permanent and quality relationship with all the media of the country by designing and implementing a media plan that meets the challenges (regular meetings, proposals for thematic meetings, press visits, ...). Carry out a media watch (print and online) and propose an associated media strategy.
  • Promote the civic involvement by systematically communicating on our actions and on the partnership agreements set up according to the axes defined by the CSR policy;
  • Explain and promote the project's strategy;
  • Define a Social Media policy in line with the communication strategy;
  • Design the internal and external communication media/tools necessary for the implementation of the external communication policy (editions, audiovisuals, websites, public relations, visits, sponsoring, etc.)
  • Monitor and report on information relating to the social and customary policy of the territory;
  • Support the Group's communication in the structuring and deployment of the Eramet brand platform (messages and graphic charter, etc.)
  • Establish a recommendation on participation in public events to publicize the project and promote its action.
  • Define and implement the stakeholder communication strategy in support of the Public Affairs Department (mapping, issues, expectations, opportunities, influence/impact...).

• Preserve the company's image and reputation:

  • Anticipate sensitive communication issues by being close to the different departments (HR, Environment, ...) and define the communication posture and the associated language / communication
  • Pass on our messages in a proactive manner and to have a dynamic communication towards the press and on social networks so that our positions are known and taken up in the media.


Profile and experience
• Academic training or equivalent level: 5 years of higher education (IEP, CELSA, Business Schools, Journalism Schools, Master's Degree in Literature or Communication)
• Successful experience in a 360° communication and public affairs position (at least 10 years) primarily in an industrial group with integration issues in a territory or in a communication agency.
• Technical skills and know-how required:

  • Mastery of internal and external communication tools;
  • Mastery of press and public relations;
  • Writing and oral skills;
  • Sensitivity to the problems of the customary world

• Fluent English is a must
• Behavioral skills:

  • Very good listening skills and openness;
  • Availability and reactivity;
  • Rigor ;
  • Field experience and excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Sensitivity to interculturality
  • Great capacity of adaptation and diplomacy;
  • Pragmatism, composure and ability to step back (crisis management);
  • Sensitivity and respect for internal clients and external stakeholders.


Position Location
Job will be based in Jakarta in Eramet Indonesia office.
With frequent travel on site (Tanjung Ulie, Weda, North Maluku), at least 1 week every month.


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