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Responsible Mining Manager M/W

Location:  Jakarta,Indonesia
Contract type:  Permanent

Purpose of the position:

The role of business in the twenty-first century has changed and the expectations of stakeholders such as communities, civil society, business partners or investors are raising expectations. Companies must obtain and maintain legal as well as social authorization to operate by responding to these requests.


As such Eramet has decided that all of its mining and mine related business across the world would eventually enter an IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance) certification process. Which in the case of Eramet operations in Indonesia implies that, in agreement with its partner Tsingshan, it wishes to have PT WBN and PT EHN (project Sonic Bay) become IRMA certified


In this context the Responsible Mining Manager /  IRMA  will be responsible :

  • to have the Eramet related entities (and potentially others also operating on site) to formally engage into an IRMA certification process: 
  • To engage with IRMA to register the companies within IRMA and launch the process in coordination and cooperation with IRMA
  • To train and coach the IWIP teams to the IRMA standards and requirements to drive the change in Environment and ESG practices on Halmahera site within the IWIP (Indonesia WedaBay Industrial Park) framework,
  • To obtain IRMA as per the agreed with IWIP and Eramet   timeline.
  • To support and sponsor best practises in Environment and ESG related to IRMA.



  • She/he is the guarantor of compliance with IRMA standards.
  • He/she manages the environmental and ESG studies related to IRMA.


As part of her/his missions, the IRMA Project Manager will be required to, in coordination with the Environment and CSR managers of WBN mine and of IWIP (as the case may be):

  • Ensure the implementation of regulatory obligations and guarantee the robustness of ESG risk control approaches;
  • Ensure the integration of environmental and ESG factors at the highest level in projects and industrial practices with a view to obtaining permits, financing, and international acceptability; in particular, deploy the IRMA standard’s environmental and ESG chapters.
  • Guarantee the integration of ERAMET’s best practices and the IRMA standard’s ESG chapters in line with the timing of operations or projects (WBN & SNB in priority).
  • Promote / lobby for ERAMET’s best practices and the IRMA standards as a reference in mining in Indonesia, so that they can be integrated into ESG regulatory obligations.
  • Carry out the project management of ESG studies and manage the implementation of the environmental and social impact management plan as per IRMA requirements.
  • Manage the monitoring/evaluation reports of all ESG actions, integrating regulatory indicators, and indicators set up with Eramet, and all related with self-assessment IRMA.
  • Assist the management and teams of the subsidiaries to create and implement the local and global roadmaps for IRMA achievement.


About you :

Requested skills include:

  • Graduated level specialized in Environment / Environmental Law or CSR or similar. 
  • Proven experience of minimum 10 years in permitting practice and operating rights in Indonesia or similar countries on complex industrial sites, preferably within large industrial projects 
  • First experience in IRMA, either in its implementation or its audit on another mining site
  • Knowledge of the challenges and impacts of the Mining & Metallurgy extractive sector. 
  • Strong belief in the environment and sustainable development 
  • Experience in dialogue with Indonesian environmental authorities a plus 
  • Preferably expatriate (but experienced Indonesian professionals fitting other requirements would also be considered) with fluent English (speaking and writing), preferably able to speak in Bahasa / notions of Mandarin Chinese would be a nice addition (not a requirement) 


Desirable skills include: 


  • Conviction and influence 
  • Analysis and formalization of the need 
  • Organization and decision-making  
  • Ability to build and share a strategy 
  • Project and matrix environment work experience 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills 
  • Logical and analytical thinking skills 
  • “Hand on” personality with passion for finding practical solutions and excellent relationship skills


HSE Capability:

Demonstrate a visible and active commitment to:

  • personal well-being.
  • healthy and safe workplaces and activities; and
  • continuously improve Eramet health, safety and environmental performance.




With operations on five continents and employees from more than 66 different countries, Eramet is an inherently diverse group. We are convinced that this diversity of talents and skills is an asset and we are actively engaged in recruiting the talented people who will be crucial to our success in the future, regardless of their gender, disability, age, social or cultural origin or sexual orientation. We are committed to offering all employees the support and development opportunities they need throughout their careers.